Flexpoint Ford’s investment professionals have extensive experience in private equity investing and related disciplines.  We are able to be a value-added partner to management teams, providing a wealth of experience, relationships and knowledge to foster growth in our portfolio companies.


We are focused on the financial services and healthcare sectors, which are highly specialized, regulated, and complex industries where industry-specific experience is required to properly assess and manage investment opportunities.  Our investment professionals have substantial investment and operating experience in these areas and can approach opportunities with distinctive insight.


Flexpoint Ford is flexible with regard to investment size, structure, and asset class.  We seek the best opportunities to invest in financial services and healthcare companies, regardless of investment size or structure.  We will invest from $50 million to $500 million of Fund capital in a single transaction and have the ability to invest in larger transactions with the support of co-investors (including our Fund limited partners).  Our transaction experience includes investing in minority and control structures across private and public companies.  We also have the experience and flexibility required to invest directly in pools of niche credit assets.